Pokemon XY Naturia Download

Pokemon XY Naturia Download for Gameboy Color Discovered by com3tiin. It’s an Updated Version v0.4.1 hack from Pokemon Gold with New battle effects and Gym leaders included. If you are a Fan of the Pokemon Series, you should Download Pokemon XY Naturia GBC ROM and enjoy every moment.

XY Naturia GBC ROM

Game Info.

  • Game Name: Pokemon XY Naturia
  • Developer: com3tiin
  • Console: Gameboy Color [GBC]
  • Hack From: Pokemon Gold
  • Version: v0.4.1
  • Status: Beta
  • Language: English

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Pokemon XY Naturia Features

  • 25 new TMS.
  • 24 new items.
  • New Movesets.
  • The Gym leaders.
  • New battle effects.
  • The new type of Fairy.
  • Wild Pokemon and Trainers.
  • 138 new replacements Regions.
  • Select the gender of the protagonists.
  • Etc.


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