Pokemon Gold ROM Download

Pokemon Gold ROM Download for Gameboy Color Developed by Game Freak. It’s a Role Playing Game for the English language with New Dual-Types and 100 new Pokemon included. You should download Pokemon Gold ROM if you like the Pokemon Series. Play it on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone, and enjoy every second.


Game Info.

  • Game Name: Pokemon Gold Version
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Console: Gameboy Color [GBC]
  • Genre: Role Playing Game [RPG]
  • Region: USA, Europe & Japan
  • Mode: One To Four Players
  • Devices: Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone
  • 1st Released: 21 November 1999

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Pokemon Gold Features

  • PokeGear.
  • New starters.
  • 100 new Pokemon.
  • Dual-Type Pokemon.
  • Real-time day/night cycle.
  • Gym Leaders and Elite Four.
  • Different moves and abilities.
  • Eight gyms and Elite Four region.
  • The Johto region is a new location.
  • Legendary Pokemon, and baby Pokemon.
  • Legendary Pokemon, including Ho-Oh and Lugia.
  • Etc.


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